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Two Iterations of the Same Book

"Why two versions of the same book?" you may ask. Simple answer: market changes since the title was initially published. Any book industry insider will tell you Amazon's Kindle marketplace really is the "Wild West" these days. No exaggeration. "Soft porn" is being marketed in the "Classic Westerns" genre. Pure fiction is being peddled in the "U.S. History" category. It can be maddening to find the kind of book a reader is really looking for.


In an effort to help readers find this work of historical fiction set in the Old West, Cimarron Jack's Real Wild West became Cimarron's Law, and simultaneously underwent a cover change. The story inside. meanwhile, remained 100% the same.

One thing we certainly don't want is for potential readers to buy multiple editions of the same story, believing they're buying new and different stories. So to be perfectly transparent, the above two covers represent two identical versions of Book 1 of the Cimarron Jack Western Series.

Book 1 Synopsis

A bushwhacked Wild-West-show star must prove he's no mere dime-novel hero. Either that, or he'll lose everything he holds dear.

Cimarron Jack Wheatley is just wrapping up a tremendously successful first tour with his very own highly acclaimed "Real Wild West Extravaganza" when his show is stricken by a rapid succession of oddly coincidental setbacks--injuries, formerly satisfied troupe members suddenly quitting, and then a catastrophic train wreck. It soon becomes apparent that Jack isn't simply experiencing a run of bad luck. Someone aims to ruin the business he's invested his entire life into--and to end his life if he puts up a fight. Now, everything that Cimarron Jack is supposed to have represented as a symbol of Wild West heroism in the show, he must actually be, in the deadly reality of chasing down answers and outlaws.

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Two Iterations of the Second Book in the Cimarron Jack Series

The publisher encountered the same problem while trying to help the right readers find Book 2 in the Cimarron Jack Western Series. So, A Bullet for the Bronc Buster became High Plains Redemption, and there was another cover change. Once again, although the title and covers have changed, the story within Book 2 has remained exactly the same.

At the risk of overstating the case, the two covers immediately above represent two identical versions of Book 2 of the Cimarron Jack Western Series.

Book 2 Synopsis

A young woman in desperate trouble. An injured bronc rider's spur-of-the-moment decision to help. What will she give now to stop the bounty on his head from becoming a noose around his neck?


A dangerous injury to Quint Woodall's spine abruptly ends his bronc-riding season with Cimarron Jack Wheatley's Real Wild West Extravaganza. On his way home to Colorado for recuperation, a young woman in desperate trouble bursts unannounced into his life. When Quint steps up and helps her, he soon finds himself accused of kidnapping.


Meanwhile, things at the ranch in Colorado are not as Quint left them two years earlier. Between his injury, a vicious new enemy at home, and the young woman's corrupt, determined business-magnate father, it's highly questionable whether the bronc-busting Quint Woodall will live to ride another season.


GP Hutchinson's action-packed novel, High Plains Redemption, offers readers an intriguing peek into Gilded-Age America and the still-wild West with all of the era's optimism, fears, drama, and power-mongering. From a mustanger's ranch on Colorado's high plains to a mogul's mansion in Chicago's moneyed suburbs, High Plains Redemption is a true Western played out in troubled and changing times.

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Only One Cover and Title for Book 3 in the Cimarron Jack Series

The publisher is hoping they've got it right this time with Book 3 in the Cimarron Jack Western Series. No cover or title change for Buffalo Dance.

Book 3 Synopsis

In 1890 Cimarron Jack Wheatley is one of America's most popular Wild West show stars. A visiting European noble sees Wheatley perform and decides he must have the showman as his chief scout for a goodwill buffalo hunt on the high plains of Colorado. The monarch wants the whole Frontier West experience, Indians included.

Conflicts are inevitable from the outset, however, especially when the U.S. State Department assigns Colonel Phil Gunnison to provide security for the foreign dignitary. Gunnison's disdain for Wild West performers is exceeded only by his love of the bottle and his hatred of Indians.

When an unidentified assassin makes an attempt on the life of the expedition's royal guest of honor, accusations fly, and factions take to fighting in defense of their claims of innocence. The resulting confusion and distrust make it even easier for the determined conspirators to take another shot at their target.

The big question of the story is whether Jack, working without the benefit of a badge, will manage to identify and stop the assassins before innocent guests--in addition to the visiting royal--face an untimely death.




Reno Carrigan: Lawman includes The Reckoning and A Dead Amigo. Both are rugged, high-action yarns featuring a gritty Western hero.

The Reckoning - Reno Carrigan Westerns Book 1

When Reno Carrigan's young wife and sister-in-law are brutally murdered and the local law will give him neither a badge nor a posse, Carrigan determines to pursue the murdering outlaws alone. Before he can gain a step on the desperados, however, he learns they've found refuge in a hellish town where cruelty keeps the locals in line. It takes little time for Carrigan to decide that--whether he lives or dies dealing out justice--he's going to make his enemies pay.

A Dead Amigo - Reno Carrigan Westerns Book 2

Was it murder? Or did an eighteen-year-old cowhand suffer a heart attack? Searching for answers starts the lead a-flying--most of it aimed at Reno Carrigan.

After freeing the border town of Alameda from the twisted outlaws who long held the place in their bloody grasp, Reno Carrigan has kept his word and accepted the job of town marshal. The job has become routine until the morning a popular young cowhand is found dead in a bordello bedroom and the person most likely to have key answers has suddenly disappeared.

When the suspects range from a hookshop madam to a banker to the hombres who run the cockfights just outside of town, Reno Carrigan had better watch his back trail.

The Award-Winning Westerns That Started It All



Crossing ethnic barriers cost Emmett Strong the life of his young wife, Gabriela. When she was shoved into the path of his bullet during a dispute over their love, it was enough to make him think twice before drawing his pistol ever again.

Now, he must overcome that hesitation when outlaw Charlie Blaylock shoots Strong’s brother dead right in front of him. Strong, now a Texas Ranger, joins up with Gabriela’s brother, Juanito, and the Englishman Granville Sikes to catch the killer and bring him to justice. It’s a ride that gives them more than they bargained for when they learn that Blaylock is hiding out with wealthy and powerful kin.

But justice isn’t the only thing Strong is after. He finds love again with Li Xu, a Chinese immigrant’s daughter kidnapped by a band of desperados. That’s double jeopardy for those who stand in Strong’s path, but he must think fast if he plans to both save the girl and avenge his brother.

Enjoy the action in Strong Convictions, a fun and entertaining Western by author GP Hutchinson. It’s a wild ride through the West with a multiethnic cast and a surprising twist ending.



After pursuing a cold-blooded murderer all the way to Nevada, Texas Ranger Emmett Strong is returning home to San Antonio—but not alone. He’s found a girl he longs to marry. Finding someone to tie the knot for them is proving to be a challenge, however, owing to the fact that she's the daughter of Chinese immigrants.

Along the way, there's a ruckus in El Paso's Wild Hog Saloon, and by noon the next day, folks are convinced it was Emmett and his compadres who robbed the saloon owner and beat him unconscious. They want Emmett on the end of a rope.

Meanwhile, a bested enemy, set on revenge, hires the notorious fast gun "Three-Finger" Ned Cage to dispatch Strong, his amigos, and even his girl.

When the only way out of trouble is to head smack-dab back into the middle of it—beautiful young woman in tow—a cool-headed pistolero like Emmett Strong becomes a force to be reckoned with. But will the vicious array of enemies prove to be too much this time, even for Strong?



Tiny, yet prospering Benficklin, Texas, wants a clean, respectable town marshal to safeguard their pristine community from the kind of riffraff that turned neighboring Santa Angela into a raucous string of blood-spattered saloons and bawdy sporting houses. Former Texas Ranger Emmett Strong seems to be just the man Benficklin’s town fathers are looking for, once they’re satisfied that his Chinese wife, Li, is “sufficiently civilized.”

Reputations aside, Benficklin—not Santa Angela—is the town with the next scandal on its hands, when the ravaged body of a young, murdered Mexican girl is found lying in the middle of Main Street.

Initial signs suggest hard-drinking cowboy Quirt Langdon may have done the deed. Emmett, however, senses that things aren’t exactly as they appear. Nearby Fort Concho’s Captain Roderick Prentiss seems peculiarly interested in what is clearly a civilian case. And Santa Angela’s most eccentric resident gambler, Nate Chaffin, gives the impression he knows things he’s not telling. To top it all off, two of Benficklin’s leading citizens end up assassinated in their own backyard.

While local officials pressure Emmett to hastily hang either a suspect or a scapegoat, honor drives the former Ranger to seek true justice for the poor murdered girl, as well as for the two prominent citizens. Ill-tempered townsfolk, pilfered evidence, and somebody taking potshots at him and his wife make Emmett wonder whether he’ll live to unravel the mystery or become the next corpse folks find in the dusty streets of Benficklin.