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Fun Writing Projects in 2018

Following the release of Strong Ambitions (Emmett Strong Western #3), a couple of hugely fun writing projects have come my way.

A New Short Story

Last spring, I was honored to have the opportunity to contribute a short story to a new Western anthology being produced by Dusty Saddle Publishing. I really enjoyed writing "When Outlaws Tangle," which became the lead-off story in Dusty Saddle's Six Bullets to Sundown. With contributions from five other Western writers, the anthology was such a success that the publisher went on to release a new volume of Six Bullets each month since the original. Now, it seems things have come full circle, and I'm putting the finishing touches on a short Western that is to be published in Six Bullets to Sundown, Volume 11. Look for it on Amazon in late March or early April.

A Really Short Story

In the middle of writing this second short story for the Six Bullets series, a fellow Western writer, Scott Harris, announced a very creative collaborative project he was putting together. He envisioned getting 52 Western writers to each craft a story of exactly 500-words, with each author using the same eighteen-word prompt as a starting point. I got on board, and this project ended up being load of fun. My contribution is called "Pride of the Prairie," and I can hardly wait for the April release of all 52 stories in one volume so I can see how 51 other writers have built distinct, imaginative stories around the very same two-sentence starting idea.

A Chapter in a "Progressive Novel"

Meanwhile, Scott Harris has been a very busy man. He's come up with a second joint project for published Western authors. This time, Harris wrote the initial chapter of what he plans to be a 52- chapter "progressive novel." Following Harris's lead 51 other Western writers will each contribute, in turn, the next chapter of the novel until we have a single, complete Western story. I'll be contributing Chapter 29. Naturally, I can't write the chapter in advance, since I have no idea what other contributing authors will come up with before my turn arrives.

And Will We See Emmett Strong Again?

Next up in my Emmett Strong Western series may be a side novel following up on the life of Ettie Main from Strong Convictions (Emmett Strong Western #1). There's still unfinished business out in Nevada, and somebody's got to take care of it while Emmett and Li move forward with their life. And yes, I definitely plan on continuing the saga of Texas hero Emmett Strong with him as the main character of future novels.

Your Suggestions or Comments?

Any feedback on the Emmett Strong series is welcome. I can't promise I'll follow up on it, but who knows? You may have an idea that would add great thrills and excitement to a future story. Feel free to send me an email at

Till later, all the best to you!

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