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You're Gonna Love This

Just released today in Amazon's Kindle Store is the exciting new anthology of micro-short stories (exactly 500 words each) that my fellow Western writer, Scott Harris, put together--The Shot Rang Out. And the new release is racing up the charts.

You'll be amazed at how fully developed each story is within the space of just 500 words. And while each of the 52 participating authors used the very same 18-word prompt as the starting point for our stories, you'll encounter a delightfully wide variety of captivating characters and entertaining plots and scenarios from one story to the next. You'll also enjoy quite a few different styles, moods, Western settings, and surprise endings in this unique and engaging collection.

It's really quite fun to compare what 52 different Western writers have come up with. In short, I'd wager that you're gonna love this anthology.

If you prefer reading paperbacks over reading from an ebook, keep your eyes open. I understand The Shot Rang Out will be published in paperback within the next couple of weeks.

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