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New Cover Anticipates New Release

When I wrote Cimarron Jack's Real Wild West, I had no idea whether the novel would foster a sequel or a spin-off. Once it was written, however, I knew immediately that my next novel would be rooted in the Cimarron Jack story.

As I write this post, the spin-off novel, High Plains Redemption, is in the hands of my very capable editors, and the cover art has just been completed. (Keep your eyes open for the big reveal, coming soon!)

In celebration of this upcoming release, we've gone back and recreated the cover of Cimarron Jack's Real Wild West. Note how the new cover draws on elements from an actual historical Buffalo Bill's Wild West poster. I think cover artist Kevin Diamond has done a fantastic job of taking an old idea and giving it a fresh, new feel. I hope you, too, like the look.

In case you haven't perused it yet, Cimarron's Law is the tale of a fictional Wild-West-show star who is forced to prove in his real off-stage life that he's no mere dime-novel hero. If he doesn't, he'll lose everything that really matters to him, people included. It's a high-action, classic-style Western novel with a romantic subplot and an exciting new tone, just like the new cover. Why not give it a look?

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