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Third Cimarron Jack Novel Underway

On the same day that the paperback edition of A Bullet for the Bronc Buster (the second novel in my Cimarron Jack's Wild West series) hits the market, I'm thrilled to announce that the third Cimarron Jack novel is underway.

The Series

Each novel in this unique, yet thoroughly Western series tells the story of a different pair of performers from Cimarron Jack Wheatley's Real Wild West Extravaganza, a fictional troupe based on real extravaganzas of the late 1800s, such as Buffalo Bill's Wild West, Miller Bros. 101 Ranch Wild West, and Pawnee Bill's Wild West. Real frontier scouts, cowhands, and trailblazers populated shows like these, not to mention Native Americans of various tribes and Mexican vaqueros, as well. Even if their performances exaggerated the exploits of true Western heroes to tall-tale proportions, the cast members' own stories were plenty authentic and compelling, and their skills with lariats, knives, tomahawks, and firearms were absolutely spellbinding.

Fact and Fiction

In each novel in the Cimarron Jack's Wild West series, I've seasoned the fabricated escapades of fictional Old West heroes with well-researched 19th century historical fact. As in actual history, recent enemies find ways to make peace, while folks who ought to get along find ways (and reasons) to cause loads of unexpected trouble and peril.

Book 3

Were they real cowhands with unexpected musical talent? Or were they professional musicians from the little theaters and dance halls of Denver, Dodge City, St. Louis, and Chicago? Wherever cowboy brass bands like these performed, arguments, accusations, and allegations followed.

Some said they had no business packing six-guns and giving Easterners the idea that the West was still untamed and unruly, if not flat-out barbaric. Others insisted they were honest-to-goodness cowboys, just doing what cowboys do.

Would a Wild West band like this give a wayward pistoleer a comfortable place to hide out from the law? That's the thread from which I'm weaving Cimarron Jack's Wild West novel #3. So, follow the adventures of mustangers, cattlemen, trappers, gunhands, and even Old West musicians as the ongoing tales of Cimarron Jack's Real Wild West continue.

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