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Local Author Expo Appearance

Almost two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating in a local author expo at the main branch of the Greenville County (SC) Public Library System. First, I'd like to congratulate the GCLS staff for putting on such a splendid event. In addition to tables where folks could meet and chat with local authors, the event featured several writer workshops. Writers and aspiring writers from high school to seasoned citizens attended the jam-packed sessions.

I thought I'd share a couple of photos from the event with you. As you can see, I brought along copies of the five full-length Western novels I've written and published so far.

While I was the only Western author there, a couple of other authors offered books with allusions to the Old West. Meanwhile, writers of children's literature, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, romance, historical fiction, and modern thrillers participated in the event.

Friends of the Greenville County Library System and Emrys were sponsors of the event.

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