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Ready for a Gripping New Western?

I'm delighted to announce the release this month of Buffalo Dance, the third novel in my Cimarron Jack Western Series. It's taken a while to get this one completed, so I'm doubly glad to make it available to readers.

Later than I had hoped...

I wrote Buffalo Dance during one of the most challenging seasons of my life, a time that included the illness and the passing of both my mother and my father. Consequently, the release of the novel is coming about three months later than I had hoped or anticipated. In perspective, however, I don't suppose the delay really matters that much. It's far more important that I recognize and appreciate the love and beauty my parents each brought to my life. Obviously, they contributed immensely to me being the person I am, By extension, they were both contributors to the fiction I write. So, if you in any way enjoy this new story--or any other story I’ve written--then we both owe a moment of grateful acknowledgment to my loving mom and dad. They will be missed.

What's the new Cimarron Jack novel about, then?

The fictional character Cimarron Jack Wheatley, as you may know, is one of 1890s America’s most popular Wild West show stars. When a visiting European royal sees Wheatley perform, he decides he must have the showman as his chief scout on a goodwill buffalo hunting expedition on the high plains of Colorado. The visiting monarch wants the whole Frontier West experience, Indians included.

Conflicts are inevitable from the outset, however, when the U.S. State Department assigns Colonel Phil Gunnison to provide security for the foreign dignitary. Gunnison’s disdain for Wild West performers is exceeded only by his love of the bottle and his hatred of Indians.

When an unidentified assassin makes an attempt on the life of the expedition’s royal guest of honor, accusations fly, and factions take to fighting in defense of their claims of innocence. The resulting confusion and distrust make it even easier for the determined conspirators to take another shot at their target.

The big question of the story is whether Jack, working without the benefit of a badge, will manage to identify and stop the assassins before innocent guests—in addition to the visiting royal—face an untimely death.

While Buffalo Dance is readable as a standalone Western, readers may prefer to take in the first two books in the Cimarron Jack Western Series—Cimarron’s Law and High Plains Redemption--before jumping into Jack's third exciting adventure.

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