A New Service for Fellow Writers

During the course of writing and publishing more than fifteen titles, I've come to grasp the key role a catchy, genre-appropriate book cover plays in getting prospective readers to take a look at a new release.

As readers, most of us will eagerly dive into any new book our favorite authors turn out. If a trusted friend absolutely raves about a story or a writer they've enjoyed, then we're more inclined to take a look at those releases, as well. But if we pause to think about it, when we aren't familiar with an author, it usually takes an appealing book cover to help convince us to invest in an unfamiliar read.

With this reality in mind, I've undertaken a new venture as an author. Just this month, I've launched a new business website, CoverMyBook.net. At CoverMyBook.net, I offer affordable, eye-catching premade eBook covers that can be tailored to meet the needs of indie, small-press, and traditionally published authors. For a modest add-on fee, I can convert the eBook covers I offer into paperback or audiobook covers, as well.

My inventory of book covers is constantly growing. Currently, I offer covers for Romance, Action and Thriller, Fantasy and Sci Fi, Mystery and Horror, and Western fiction. As I fill out my inventory in these genres, I foresee adding covers for Historical Fiction and other genres.

My goal at CoverMyBook.net is to help authors achieve the success they're aiming for, beginning with book covers that captivate the interest of those looking for their next great read.

If you've any interest in cover art for books, whether as an author or as a reader, I invite you to visit CoverMyBook.net and peruse my work. Feedback is welcome, and if you have any questions, please contact me at info@covermybook.net.

Thanks for taking a look, and happy reading . . . or writing!

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