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Is Escapist Literature Legit?

I suppose the natural follow-up question would be, "What do you consider escapist literature?"

Well, in most cases we wouldn't regard textbooks and how-to books as escapist reading (although many of the popular "For Dummies" books are quite entertaining, even when we read them to learn a new skill or to gain a better understanding of some real-world issue).

What do readers expect from their fiction, besides a good story with at least one highly likeable character who we come to care about to one degree or another? Do we need to glean monumental life lessons from every story we read? As an outcome of each reading experience, must we gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of some distressed people group?

Or can we indulge, guilt-free, in a story that simply takes us away for an hour or two from the harsh realities of the world we ordinarily have to face, all day every day?

I can't help but appeal to adults to remain informed enough to make rational decisions within the ever-changing context of the world where we live and work. And at least as importantly, I urge everyone to become better informed about eternal matters--things that will remain long after this old world is gone.

At the same time, everybody needs moments of rest and restoration. For many of us, a good book is just the thing to bring us that much-needed restoration, particularly if it's a book that has practically nothing to do with the world that relentlessly wears on us, day-in and day-out. Such a book is what I'd call escapist literature.

Whether it's "kiss-kiss" or "bang-bang," sheer romance or pure action and suspense, we're not reading it to elevate our minds so much as to clear them, so that when we return to the workaday world, we can do so somewhat refreshed, re-energized, and better able to focus.

Without apology, I’ll tell you openly that my new KINCAID Series is sheer escapist entertainment. And I don’t believe there’s a thing wrong with that. In fact, as author James Scott Bell says, “There’s a lot right with it.” Bell goes on to say,

“At its best, [this kind of] fiction provides a product that is every bit as desirable as a grilled hamburger made from choice ground beef, on a fresh bun, and all the right fixin’s. More hamburgers, by far, are consumed in this land than prime rib or filet. And when the joint that serves them up makes a quality munch every time, it engenders lots of repeat business.”

So, from my point of view as a writer, the KINCAID Series is to readers what comfort food is to all of us. There are times when the psychological benefits far outweigh the cold, hard facts printed on the nutritional information label.

That doesn’t mean my KINCAID stories have been hastily slapped together using substandard ingredients. I work hard to serve up a well-crafted, thoroughly satisfying reading experience that truly hits the spot and leaves readers smacking their lips for more.

My KINCAID stories won’t solve world hunger, but they may help us take a step back, calm down a little while, and approach the real world a little better once we’ve had a brief opportunity to escape it. And to be honest, each of these books does contain a tasty morsel or two of real-life principles, thoroughly baked into the mix for your enjoyment.

To find out more about the brand-new KINCAID Series, why not click HERE to hop over to the Series page on Amazon? I believe many readers will find these stories quite satisfying. Thanks for looking!

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