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It's Giveaway Time Again!

Two giveaways, as a matter of fact.

I’ve teamed up with two different groups of authors to offer my readers the chance to win loads of free ebooks. And the Grand Prize winners will even receive a BRAND NEW eReader, to boot!

Here are the details. The first giveaway includes my novel, High Plains Redemption, plus ebooks from more than 50 other fantastic authors of Cowboy, Firefighter, & other Hero Romances. Two lucky winners will each receive at least 50 free books, and one will receive an eReader, too!

To enter the Hero Romance Giveaway, click here. 👉

For the second giveaway, I've linked up with 30 incredible authors of Crime Fiction and Thrillers. We'll be giving away my novel, Dead Ball, plus 30 more crime novels or thrillers to two lucky winners. And again, the Grand Prize winner will receive a brand new eReader.

To enter the Crime Fiction and Thriller Giveaway, click here. 👉

Can you enter both? Of course. I hope you will.

Good luck and enjoy!

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