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Kincaid Heads for the Mountains

The Rockies may be breathtaking, but they're unforgiving--fraught with danger from mountain lions to animals of the human sort. Yet that's where Kincaid must go. Ride with him into adventure you won't soon forget!

I'm thrilled to announce the release of the fourth book in my Kincaid Western Series, Kincaid: A Mountain Man's Treachery, available today on Amazon. In this action-packed episode, we find Kincaid continuing on his quest to find and destroy photographic evidence that could land his bride-to-be in prison. Taking care of the evidence is only the beginning of his troubles in Colorado, though. Powerful judges, lawmen, and cattlemen end up making life more complicated for Kincaid than anything he could ever have imagined. Then, there are the vigilantes and guns-for-hire. Will the mountain men he encounters turn out to be trustworthy allies, or formidable foes who compound our hero's problems? The title tells us that at least one of them is a back-stabber. But against whom? And why?

If you haven't yet read any of the books in the Kincaid Series, you may want to begin with Kincaid: Up in Smoke, Book 1 in the set. These are quick reads of approximately 150 pages each, and they unfold in the style of a television series with each successive installment building on the ones that have come before.

The titular character, Emry Kincaid, is a Missourian by birth, who recently enjoyed a degree of fame as a pitcher in America's flourishing new spectator sport of baseball. His sister in Texas needs him, however, so westward he goes. As the series develops, Kincaid experiences a transformation, from urban Easterner to genuine denizen of the rugged West. I truly believe readers will enjoy observing how Kincaid grows and changes as he faces obstacles and threats unique to life in the wilds and the towns of old Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Each episode is also populated by colorful supporting characters and cruel and clever foes. Being a man of compassion, Kincaid finds himself fighting, not only for his own life and freedom, but also for folks he meets along the way who are in desperate trouble of their own.

Why not grab a copy of one of the Kincaid books today? If I may say so myself, I believe they make great entertainment for cold winter days, when going out is not so appealing.

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