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More Accolades for "Dead Ball"

Dead Ball: A Novel of Murder and Passion continues to earn recognition from literary and baseball organizations, as well as from satisfied readers.

One week ago, when Speak Up Talk Radio and the Firebird Book Awards publicized the results of their 2021 worldwide competition, Dead Ball was named the First-Place Winner in their Thrillers Category. On the very same day, the Deadball Era Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) announced that Dead Ball had been nominated for the 2021 Larry Ritter* Award.

The Larry Ritter Award is conferred annually to the author of the best book about baseball between 1901 and 1919 published during the previous calendar year. The winner's work must demonstrate original research, a fresh perspective compelling thesis, impressive insight, accuracy, and graceful prose. In recent years all of the candidates for SABR's Larry Ritter Award have been non-fictional works of history. While fictional works are eligible for the award, none have ultimately won.

Needless to say, I'm tremendously honored to have received the Firebird Book Award, and I'm humbled that Dead Ball is being considered for the Larry Ritter Award. At the same time, I'm just as thrilled to learn that everyday readers and other authors have thoroughly enjoyed the book.

On January 14 an Amazon customer posted this review:

  • Outstanding book! First, I am a baseball history buff, and this book's accuracy was spot on. In fact, I was reading it with an eye to find mistakes--I found none! Very impressive! Great research. It's accuracy alone would have been enough to give it the highest marks. However, the plot was fast paced, had lots of twists and turns and kept me wanting more. A great mystery. A great read that I highly recommend to all, especially baseball buffs.

Gary Livacari, author of Reflections on the 1919 Black Sox wrote:

  • [Dead Ball is] a historically based murder mystery with plenty of surprises--and with a beautiful romantic subplot.

If you haven't yet read Dead Ball, why not skip over to the Baseball Series page HERE on my website and find out a little more about the book? You can also download a free sample of the book from Amazon by clocking HERE. Just look for the "Send a free sample" button to the right-hand side of the web page.

* Lawrence S. "Larry" Ritter was the author of The Glory of Their Times, a classic treasure of interviews with men who played big league baseball during the Deadball Era.

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