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The National Ballpark Museum Remains Welcoming Despite COVID

The National Ballpark Museum in Denver has been recognized by Smithsonian Books as one of the 21 top private baseball collections in the world. The museum continues to serve the Denver community, visitors to the Mile-High City, and (through its online presence) baseball enthusiasts everywhere, even though COVID has temporarily curtailed in-person access to their wonderful exhibits.

I'm tremendously grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with one of the museum's volunteers, Jim Slade, about my recent baseball novels, Over the Right Field Wall and Dead Ball. Jim and I enjoyed a great 30-minute conversation, covering everything from baseball history to the craft of writing. The museum posted the interview on YouTube, so I'm making it available here for anyone who may be interested in learning more about the museum, baseball, or my books.

After checking out the interview, be sure to visit the museum's website,, and find out what's on display, what they offer to visitors, and how they serve their community. Here are a couple of photos to pique your interest. Enjoy!

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