Some folks don’t seem to understand it’s wrong to hurt the weak or innocent. Do it in front of Kincaid, and you’re in for some schooling.

The author of the bestselling Emmett Strong Series brings you a new hero of the Old West.

Emry Kincaid is in a hurry to get to his recently widowed sister’s farm. Maintaining meager crops and a small herd in those arid parts is difficult enough without having to look after two small children while the work is done. Besides, a young, attractive woman, far from the nearest neighbor, is too tempting a victim for certain unprincipled men.

When Kincaid, along the way, pauses to rest his horse overnight in the small town of Saltillo, a situation he can’t overlook presents itself—a cowhand-type who’s had too much to drink is hurting a saloon girl, and no one will do anything to stop the lout. Kincaid does.


Next thing he knows, the cowhand’s widely feared boss, Al Helling, gathers a number of his hired hands and runs Kincaid down. Helling then gives Kincaid an outrageous ultimatum—take the blame for a bank robbery the outlaw cattleman is about to attempt, or take on impossible odds in a shootout Kincaid can never win.

If Kincaid is to survive to go to his sister’s aid, he’ll have to muster all the courage, savvy, and skill he can come up with. And even then, he’ll need somebody on high looking after him.

Kincaid: Up in Smoke

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