Two exciting Reno Carrigan episodes in one volume. 

"The Reckoning" Reno Carrigan Westerns Book 1

When Reno Carrigan's young wife and sister-in-law are brutally murdered and the local law will give him neither a badge nor a posse, Carrigan determines to pursue the murdering outlaws alone. Before he can gain a step on the desperados, however, he learns they've found refuge in a hellish town where cruelty keeps the locals in line. It takes little time for Carrigan to decide that--whether he lives or dies dealing out justice--he's going to make his enemies pay.

"A Dead Amigo" Reno Carrigan Westerns Book 2

Was it murder? Or did an eighteen-year-old cowhand suffer a heart attack? Searching for answers starts the lead a-flying--most of it aimed at Reno Carrigan.


233 pages.

Reno Carrigan: Lawman