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May 23, 2018

I'm thrilled to announce that the publication of my latest short story, Just Shy of Mexico, two days ago marks the beginning of an exciting new era for me as a writer, as well as for folks who enjoy my novels and shorter works.


Dusty Saddle Publishing has offered me (and I have accepted) a multi-book contract, which will allow me to produce a number of brand-new novels and get them out to readers more quickly than I've been able to in the past.


I'm proud to be joining a number of today's top-selling Western authors who write for the Dusty Saddle brand: Paul L. Thompson, Cherokee Parks, Scott Harris, and Tracy T. Thurman, just to name a few.


So what's on the horizon from GP Hutchinson? I've started on a novel that will take the reader into a fascinating new corner of the Old American West. With a setting that doesn't appear too often in classic-style Western fiction; a cast of colorful new characters; lots of danger, suspense, and adventure; and a dash of romance, I believe you're really going to enjoy the book. I can tell you that I'm already having a blast writing it!


If you're curious enough to want a clue regarding the premise of this new novel, then take a peek at my micro-short story, Pride of the Prairie, in The Shot Rang Out, compiled by Scott Harris.

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